5 Ways to earn $2,100 in cryptocurrencies without trading

There’s no easy way to make a substantial amount of Bitcoins just like there’s no easy way to make a substantial amount of money. But the good news is, if you put in enough effort you can achieve some very decent earnings. Now there is no such thing as “free” Bitcoins and it will also cost you something to get Bitcoins, whether it’s your money, effort or your time.

I will be sharing you some ways on how you can earn your Bitcoins without trading them.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

A Bitcoin Affiliate marketing program will allow you to earn Bitcoin by sending Bitcoin-related traffic to a certain offer. One big reason for Bitcoin Affiliate marketing is that many companies nowadays recently ventured into Bitcoins. And they are now looking for ways to advertise their services without spending too much as all business are. This is where affiliate marketing comes in. Every tangible action of someone that you refer will be rewarded in the form of Bitcoins. You must have an engaging platform in order to encourage people to follow you on any social media platform. The more followers or subscribers you have, the more people you are likely to refer, the more chances of you getting rewarded in Bitcoins.

One way that you can do affiliate marketing is by referring your friend to Coinbase. Coinbase will pay you $10 for every $100 worth of digital currency that your friend bought from them.

Aside from doing affiliate marketing on a wallet like Coinbase, you can also do it on an exchange. The perfect example of this is Changelly. You can use Changelly to make cryptocurrency exchanges. Changelly provides you with an exchange platform that has one of the best crypto to crypto rates on the market. Changelly also has a program that will give you 50% of their fees.


  1. Master node

You can use Master node. Now Master node is a computer wallet that allows you to earn money by simply holding whatever cryptocurrency you have. It is utilized to complete unique functions in ways ordinary nodes can’t. Master nodes can be used for features like direct send/instant transactions or private transactions. Running a Master node is PoS-like, in the sense that you generate passive income just by holding your coins.


  1. Make video tutorials

Another way that you can earn your Bitcoins is by making video tutorials just like this one. The first that we have gone through is a bit easy to do.  But making video tutorials will take a lot more effort and time but has the biggest upward potential by earning through ad revenue or consulting income. The one big advantage of doing is the maximum reach that can you have just by simply making high-quality content that people or the viewers will appreciate. The downside of doing this is that it can be a slow start. Just thinking of a content that you know people will love and not earning any significant activity in the beginning, can be a bit disheartening but continue to do it and soon you will see your earnings become more and more.


  1. Sell video tutorials

The next thing that you can try is to sell related video tutorial in cryptocurrency. This is the probably the most profitable in terms of amount of effort vs results. The great thing about creating courses and selling them online is due to the high demand for knowledge about cryptocurrency and very low supply of it. So if you think you have what it takes to create meaningful and quality content about cryptocurrencies, you can get started in creating your own courses and selling them online.


  1. Steemit

Another way that you can earn your Bitcoins is through Steemit. Steemit is a social network that looks and functions like Reddit but with one HUGE difference. Steemit pays both the content creators whose work gets upvoted, as well as the people who curate the best content on the site by upvoting others work. Steemit pays in a digital currency called Steem Dollars. In some ways, Steem works similar to other digital currencies. Steem Dollars can be sold anytime.


So, there are definitely a lot of ways that you can earn or get your Bitcoins. But these are just of the same ways that you can do it without spending your own money and just putting in the right amount of effort and your time. These ways can quickly make you a reputable amount of Bitcoins if you are willing to put in the hard work in the beginning and see your hard work pay off in the end without even lifting a finger.

Tiz Gambacorta

Tiz managed a $750m derivatives portfolio by age 22 as an FCA-regulated trader. After being promoted the youngest Vice President in the trading division of Barclays Bank headquarters in London UK, he realized there was more to life than working for "the man". He went on to build, scale and sell five separate, six-figure a year digital publishing and education businesses. He then merged his passion for finance and for the internet by co-founding 8020Research.com - the No 1 education organization dedicated to helping people live the life they dream, desire and deserve by leveraging the Internet. After investing $150,000 into his own trading education, he became financially free by the age of 36 and is now on a mission to help 100,000 average people take back control of growing and protecting their wealth by December 31st, 2020. Having traded and served clients at the highest level on Wall Street and in the City of London during some of the worst terrorist attacks that shook the markets gives him a first-hand understanding on how to profit from rising and falling markets. His high net worth private clients regularly pay him in excess of $50,000/year for his insights.