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Skills That Will Make You Rich In 2019 (3 Ways To Get Rich Online)

In this video you will learn the 3 skills that will make you rich in 2019. These are the 3 skills you can learn for FREE that can help you make money online and help make 2019 your best year ever. Any one of the skills I mention can lead to a profitable online career and will definitely allow you to make money from home in 2019.

Watch this video to learn:
– What are the 3 skills that will make you rich in 2019
– Why are these skills so profitable and how will they help you to get rich online
– What is the secret 4th skill that millions use to build their fortune from their home

Three skills to learn this year for free.

The more you learn, the more you earn.

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The more you learn, the more you earn. Nowadays, with the internet, we all have access to an amazing amount of information for free. The three skills to learn this year, for free.

How to generate passive income.

Three skills to learn this year for free. Number one, learn how to generate passive income.

What is passive income?

You do the work once, you get paid forever, as opposed to earned income, right? You do the work, you get paid, you do the work, you get paid, it's like trading time for money. Not a good idea, why? When you stop doing the work, you stop getting paid.

I have passive income streams, you have passive income streams, you do the work once and you get paid forever. Number one, learn the skills of generating passive income.

When you stop doing the work, you stop getting paid.

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There’re many ways, right? How do you do this? Well, you can invest in real estate, in property, in trading, in shares, in Forex, internet marketing, all those things. Now, the problem is that most of those things require either a very high skill set, or a large amount of capital.

For example, if you want to invest in real estate, it requires a lot of money. If you want to invest in shares, requires a lot of money.

Affiliate Marketing

If you're thinking, "Okay, hey Tiz, you know, how can I generate passive income... I'm not a tech expert, I'm not an expert and I don't have a lot of cash."

Affiliate marketing,  the second skill that you can learn this year for free, it allows you to have an online business which can easily generate four, five, six figures per month with very little investment.

All you need is an internet connection and a laptop. That's it. Everything else can be learned, skills you can pick up online, and there's only a very limited number of skills that you need to know to be an affiliate marketer.

That's why I always recommend affiliate marketing to anyone who's getting started, okay?

Why? Very low risk, very little work once it's set up, and, you don't have to deal with technical issues, product development, none of that stuff, okay?

So, learn affiliate marketing!

How do you learn affiliate marketing? 

In terms of learning affiliate marketing, once you learn that skill, it can be incredibly profitable. I came back from Bangkok, Thailand, a few weeks ago, there were thousands, I think it was just under two thousand affiliates, okay? 

Thousands of people there who are easily, I mean on average, they're making five, six figures a month and believe me, these guys are not geniuses, they're not rocket scientists.

Social Media Marketing

If you learn social media marketing you can act as a mini agency and earn money. 

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The third skill is social media marketing. This does not mean you should spend time more time navigating on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. You should learn social media marketing. How to generate sales, how to generate engagement, how to generate leads through social media.

Why? Well, there're more and more people connecting to the internet, and there're more and more people spending time on websites like Facebook and other social media. If you learn social media marketing you can act as a mini agency.

You can do social media management services like managing Facebook pages, and similar tasks for small businesses. It's a very in demand skill.

I think the average social media manager in the States makes just over 80 thousand dollars per year. You don't need university, or college degree, you don't need any of that stuff. Social media marketing, I highly encourage it, a very profitable skill.

If need be, well, you can do it for others as an immediate source of income, or you can also do it for yourself.

Here's the fourth skill. Three skills to learn this year for free, well here's a fourth one, because I like to under promise and over deliver.


The fourth skill is freelancing. Learn how to get clients online. Even if it's just on simple websites like, or, all those sites are huge market places where you have people who are looking to hire people with specific skillsets.

Freelancing, it may not be for everyone. I get it, okay? There's still sometimes an element of trading time for money, and that sucks, however, why should you learn freelancing? Well, because if you're ever in dire need for cash, or you're kind of in a bit of a cash flow situation, you know that you have that skill that you can get clients online and generate immediate income, right? 

It's like learning to drive. Once you have that skill that you know that you can freelance, you know how to get clients for example, and become a professional social media manager, or a community manager, then no one can take it away. It's like driving. You can do a number of things. You know that as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, then you can make an income. 
Three skills to learn this year for free.

Number one, learn about passive income, okay?

Number two, if you're a bit strapped for cash, or you want to build a business, you want to make a difference to the world, you want to leave a legacy, then learn affiliate marketing, okay? It's the fastest, simplest, easiest way to make money online. 

Number threesocial media marketing. Highly in demand and highly lucrative skill to have.

Number four, out of the three skills to learn this year for free, is freelancing.

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What Are Sales Funnels (How Do Funnels Work)

In this video I am honored to be joined by my good friend, mentor, veteran marketer and public speaker Ken Krell. As we spent a few days on a cruise in Mexico, he was kind enough to share some of his insights on what are sales funnels, why they are so important in today’s online business world and how any business can apply these principles to grow and scale fast.

Ken does an outstanding job of explaining what funnels are, how funnels work and how they can help businesses grow, scale and attract premium clients.

Next. download the “Missing Link” report for FREE here:

How To Become A Millionaire In 2019

Watch this video and learn:

– The one habit all millionaires have in common
– How to start learning, thinking and earning like a millionaire
– How to effortlessly add this habit to your daily routine

Once you got this secret habit that can make you a millionaire, check out another secret I recently discovered. Download my Free manifesto on the Missing Link why 96% of businesses online fail:

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The Best Online Business In 2019

In this video you are going to learn what could be the best online business in 2019.

Watch this tutorial video and discover:

– The top 3 best online businesses for beginners.
– The best online business ideas that can make you a lot of money in 2019.
– How to use your knowledge and experience to start one of the best online businesses in 2019.

I'm going to share with you the best online business in 2019 and specifically my top three picks. I'm not talking about get rich quick schemes or something that is here today, gone tomorrow or some kind of gimmick to make money online.

I'm talking about building online businesses, I'm talking about something that you can set up once and then generate automated income, passive income for you, week in, week out, month in, month out and so on and so forth.

Books and eBooks

Best Online Business In 2019, on position number three is promoting books and eBooks, selling books and eBooks online.

Books have been around for thousands of years. Are they going anywhere? No. There's still going to be around. They're being complemented by digital books. They're being complemented by audio-books.
Maybe you prefer to read some books on paper. Maybe you prefer to read some books on a digital format, like on a Kindle or maybe you prefer to listen to books. I personally like all of three options. It depends on the context. It depends on the book. 

You can promote other people's books and eBooks as an affiliate in exchange for getting a commission every time someone buys.

Promote other people's books and eBooks as an affiliate and get a commission every time someone buys.

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If you want to promote physical books, perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get started with your business in 2019 is being an affiliate for Amazon. They are the world's largest retailer of books online.

If on the other hand you prefer to promote digital books, the easiest and fastest way to get started in my opinion is with a platform called

What if you want to write your own book? What if you have your own book? You can sell that as well. As a matter of fact, that's how I got started. I researched a specific topic then I collected and summarize all the information in an easy to understand format and I saved the word file as a PDF file and I sold that PDF file as an eBook, I think it was selling for $7 a copy. As a matter of fact, that book is still selling nowadays.

If you want to write your own book, whether it's your paperback or whether it's your digital book, that is a great way to start a business in 2019.

You may be wondering, "Hey, Tiz, it sounds great, but how much money can you make selling books?" It depends, you can sell the books for very cheap, in which case, unless you sell very large quantities of it, chances are you're not going to make a lot of money from the book.

In that situation, the big, big money is in model called the back-end, and that's why selling books and eBooks is such a profitable business.

The up-sells. People are going to read the book and a portion of those people who read the book, will want more products from you. They will want more education, more content, they will want one on one or kind of closer contact with you or maybe masterminds or consulting, whatever that is. So that is where you can make some very, very big bucks.

It's not necessarily going to be the sale of the book, but what comes after that, or on the other hand, at the other extreme, you can sell the book for quite a lot of money, right?
Some books go for 30, 40, 50 bucks online, even a couple of hundred dollars.

You may be thinking, "Hey, Tiz, who's going to pay a couple of hundred bucks for a book?" People do that all day long. For example, the more niche, the more specialized you go, the more you can charge for a book. Think about technical aspects or scientific aspects or medical aspects, people are going to pay a lot of money for that. Very, very profitable.
I'm going to share a few tips that I have used to write quite a few books by now. I think all in all about half a dozen books. You can actually get other people to do most of the work.

So just to summarize, this is position number three on The Best Online Business to start in 2019.

Online Courses

Online education is exploding. It is a multi-billion dollars market a year and that's easily going to go into trillions.

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Online education is exploding. We're talking about a multi-billion dollars market a year and that's easily going to go into trillions of dollars every year. It's exploding. 

In that respect, if you want to take a part of that pie, selling courses is a very profitable exercise. Why do I say this? Because naturally you can sell a course for actually more than what you can sell a book.

You can record yourself on camera or you can just do what is called a screen cast. So, you record your computer screen, your slides and you're just talking over them. 

If you're not comfortable on camera or if you don't want to show your face, you don't have to. You just record yourself talking. If you don't want to even do that, you can actually produce the content for the course and then hire someone else to do the actual recording of the actual course content.

How do you do that? You can either go to some very big marketplaces like Udemy which a huge marketplace for courses and there you can publish your course for free. They give you all the technology, all you have to do is to upload your videos, your content, and then they will sell the course for you, they will take the payments for you, they will wire you the money. I think it's once a month depending on how much you sell.

They do all the technology, the video hosting. They do the marketing, they promote the course for you. They do all of that for you.

That's a very profitable way of starting a business in 2019 and also one of the great things about that, it's passive income, it is automated income. Why? Because once you create the course, you upload it, you forget about it. You just get those commission checks coming in regularly without having to do anything. Pretty cool. That's one way.

The thing with Udemy is that they actually take quite a big cut of the money. They do most of the work and they take a big cut of the money. Similar situation to if you have your own book, right? Necessarily the book on the front end, it's not going to make a lot of money. Unless you sell it for a lot of money.

In specific cases, and we discussed this earlier, it's actually not going to make a lot of money, but what's going to make a lot of money is those people who go through the course, who want more advanced consulting from you, who want one on one mentoring.

Maybe they want a mastermind and a more intimate type set up, that's where you can make a lot of money. Or in the other extreme you can create your own course or have someone create your course and then you can host it, market it yourself, in which case you'll keep 100% of the money.

That's what we do here at 8020Research. We've been in this market, been doing this for quite some time, so it's just natural for us to do these things, that's how I got started.I got started by marketing my own courses, and kind of really keeping everything in house.

Would I do it again? Well, back in the days I didn't have the choice. Udemy back in the days wasn't around. Now there's Udemy, you may be able to start with Udemy or similar platforms, there's a couple of other ones. All viable options, it really depends, "Do you want to do most of the work and keep most of the money? Or do you want to do less work but also get less money?".

You can do both as you grow. It's just where would you rather get started? One thing though is remembering the key point is to start producing the course.

You may be thinking, "Hey, Tiz, but what if I'm not an expert,", or "What if I just don't have time? I don't want to produce a course." Then I've got good news for you. There is this one thing called private label rights.

This is how I actually launched my very, very first course. I remember I bought the rights to a course online, to sell a course online for $11.50. And that product then went on to make me over $150,000. The short version of it is that you're buying the rights to sell and modify that course as you please anywhere in the world for hardly anything.

Someone else has done all the hard work of creating the course content. You just come in, you just buy the rights and then you can change it, repackage it, and sell it as you wish. You don't even have to create a course unless you want to.

Learn Things

Best Online Business In 2019, position number one,

You want to know the fastest way to make money online, the fastest way to make thousands of dollars online. Well, this is it. Position number one - you learn things. Obviously, you're watching this and maybe you've tried building a business online before, maybe it didn't quite work out in the way you anticipated it to.During that process you gained some skills, you gained some experience, you learnt some things.

Why not monetize that? Why not use that? Why not leverage that? Essentially, you're going to other people and say, "Hey, would you like me to manage your Facebook page? Would you like me to manage your LinkedIn profile? Would you like me to do some type of digital marketing service for you."  - That is the fastest way to make money online in my opinion, because people are going to pay a lot of money for your services.

They just don't have the time. They don't have the knowledge. They don't want the hassle of doing things themselves. So, they pay a lot of money for you to do it for them. Why not go to them and do it for them? You can easily charge thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. 
People are not going to ask too many questions. You just take the whole issue out of their hands. You can learn about how to write a LinkedIn profile for maximum conversion.

You can go to someone and say, "Hey, pay me 50 bucks, pay me a couple of hundred bucks for optimizing your LinkedIn profile." People will do that all day long, busy people who don't know how to do it, they don't have the time to learn.

Or you can do the same thing with Facebook or you can do SEO or you can publish videos on YouTube for them. You can write blog posts for them and so on and so forth. The list goes on and on and on. Now, one thing here is that you are all essentially selling time for money. Which is not ideal.

There are ways of scaling that aspect in the sense that you are outsourcing and leveraging other people to do the work for you. There are ways of doing that. Initially though, the reality is that you're going to be selling time for money.

The good news is that you're going to be selling time for a lot of money. If you need to make money fast, this is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money fast.
And as you build that cash flow, you can then reinvest that cash flow into businesses that generate more automated income, more passive income, so that you can go and live the life you dream about, that you desire, you deserve.

Do what really ex, kind of lights you up. That being said, the three strategies that I shared with you here are just a very high-level overview.

Reinvest cash flow into other businesses that generate more automated income = more passive income.

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It's all about the mindset on how you do things.

I have students who pay me more than 50 grand a year in some cases to coach them on the realities, the kind of the strategies which are important, what really gives them the biggest breakthroughs?

Your mindset is 80% of your success.

What distinguishes those who go and become very successful?

Your mindset is 80% of your success.

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Point being is, it's all about the mindset. The mindset is what will allow you to turn these three business ideas in 2019 into highly profitable, highly successful business ideas.

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How To Build Your First Clickfunnels Funnel

In this video Tiz demonstrates on screen step by step, exactly where you need to click to build your first Clickfunnels funnel.

Watch this video to learn:
– How to create a Clickfunnels sales funnel to sell your digital product, service, or physical product
– Tips for perfectly matching your Clickfunnels funnel to your offering and branding
– The key steps to converting website traffic and leads from your funnel into sales

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Best Way To Build An Email List

In this video, you are going to learn how to create an email subscribers list to promote your product, service or affiliate links.
In this video, you will learn:

– The best way to build an email list, specifically the 3 simple steps that make up the best way to grow your email subscribers list
– How to create the best lead magnet to grow your subscriber list (and business)
– How to use an autoresponder software to store the subscriber information and follow up with them

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