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How To Generate Traffic For Clickbank

You're going to learn how to drive traffic to ClickBank, to ClickBank links, ClickBank products, ClickBank offers.

You're going to learn also the two main ways you can leverage driving traffic to any ClickBank link, product or offer.

I'm also going to share with you a very private document.

How to drive traffic for ClickBank

People ask me all the time “Tiz, what is the best traffic source? What traffic sources should we avoid?”. Well the reality is that there are no good and no bad traffic sources. There are good traffic sources when they are paired with a good relevant offer. There are bad traffic sources because they're paired to a non-relevant offer.How do you drive traffic to ClickBank?

Here are the main traffic sources. Let's start with the free ones.

Free Traffic Sources

One of the main traffic sources, completely free is called SEO, or search engine optimization. 

That's when you effectively rank your website on page number one or on the first position or at the very top of Google.

One of the main traffic sources, completely free, is SEO or search engine optimization.

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There's two ways of doing it. We'll cover the second way shortly. The first way is by doing a certain number of activities, publishing some content on your website so that Google recognizes it as a highly valuable website and therefore ranks it highly so that when people search for that particular keyword on Google, your website comes at the top and that's one of the first sites that they click on.

A second source of free traffic for ClickBank, this is the one that I got started with and that honestly made me a small fortune, it is article and blog marketing.

How does this work? You write articles for free on a specific topic. For example, top three tips to lose weight after the holiday season. And you publish them for free on websites like or on other people's blogs.

Essentially, you're giving away free information in exchange for having a resource box at the bottom of that article. It's going to be a few lines telling people about the author, telling about who you are and how you help people.

Typically, there's going to be a link at the bottom of that resource box, something along the lines of - to learn more about xyz, or to learn more about the author click here or to download the ultimate guide to losing weight by eating as much desert as you want make sure to click here.

And then once people click on that link, they will be redirected to your website, where you will have a registration page or a landing page. And by the way, I highly recommend you check out the related video on how to build your first ClickFunnels funnel that shows you exactly, step by step, how to build that registration page, amongst others.

That's a way of you putting content out there for free, content that will be published, pretty much forever. That's going to be a lifetime digital asset that you're building and that's going to be continuously, 24/7 passively, without you having to do anything. It's going to drive people to your website, your landing page, your ClickBank offer as well, forever. You don't have to do anything else, you just set it up once and it just keeps driving traffic to you.

The third main way of generating traffic for free is referral or social traffic.

Essentially, this is social media traffic. When you publish, for example, a highly valuable post on Facebook or on LinkedIn or maybe you do a tweet that links to a highly valuable piece of content, even YouTube can be considered to a certain extent, social traffic.You're putting content for free on social networks and then you're driving back either to your offer or your website.

Here are additional free traffic sources that you can use to generate traffic for ClickBank.It can be things like press releases, joint ventures, swaps, etc. 

In that respect I highly recommend you download my complete list of traffic sources, here.

 It is going to get you the best results, it is something I call MCM.

What is MCM?

No, it's not an establishment in Las Vegas, it's multi-channel content marketing.It Is when you take those individual components we spoke about earlier. For example, you take a blog post, you publish it on your blog and then you share it on social media and have maybe some videos on YouTube or you post on Instagram.

All of those are free traffic sources. Then you can either stop there, or if you choose to, you can leverage those with paid traffic sources. Together they have a synergistic effect.

Standalone, those elements will be effective to a certain extent, but when you put them together, they become so much more effective. That is multi-channel content marketing. Think about how can you put together the efforts you're doing in terms of social media, content, videos, podcasts, etc .
Then if you so choose, it is optional, leverage them so that you now have a combined effect of trust of education with your prospects that otherwise you would not have had had if you just chose maybe one or two traffic sources we mentioned earlier.

Paid Traffic Sources

One of the main paid traffic sources is SEM or search engine marketing.

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When it comes to paid traffic sources, one of the main sources is going to be SEM, or search engine marketing.

That is when you pay Google, Bing and other major search engines to put your ad at the top of their search results. You're paying for that, you're paying per click.

Another paid traffic source, that's made me a small fortune, is something called solo advertising or solo ads.

That is when you pay other list owners to email their list, promoting your ClickBank affiliate offer or your registration page so you can build an email list. In that respect, I highly recommend you check out the related video on how to build your first funnel with ClickFunnels.

Also there are other traffic sources like PPV, that's pay per view, contextual traffic, etc. that you can also leverage to drive traffic to your ClickBank product, your ClickBank link.

When speaking about how to generate traffic for ClickBank, people ask me all the time
“Hey Tiz, this is great, but what if you don't have a large budget to get started with? “

Then you have two options. Number one -you can just stick with free traffic, that's how I got started. Then as you start making some money, you can choose to reinvest the profits from your free traffic sources into paid traffic.

Or, the second option is to get started with some of the lower cost traffic sources that allow you to begin with very little money so that you can fine tune your campaigns, your products, and then reinvest those profits into bigger and bigger paid traffic investments.

So by now, you know the two main ways on how to drive traffic to ClickBank.

Remember, there is free traffic and paid traffic. But how about all those minor traffic sources out there that we didn't even mention here, which are even lower cost than the ones we mentioned and can yield insane returns if you just know where they are.

Go ahead and download my complete list of traffic sources. It's for you to download, available for free, here.

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