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Learn, Work, Results

93 countries in 5 years


I’m an “immigrant” from Italy who quit my CORPORATE job to live a better way of life…

I travel to exotic locations all over the world and experience things many people would only dream of. At the ripe old age of 36 I am blessed to live the life I now live. I am my own boss now, I work on my own terms…

But you see, it wasn’t always like this. My journey to success did not come easy.

In fact, I DROPPED OUT of a highly paid corporate job because I didn’t want to be chained to a desk all day. Nor did I want to be a victim to office politics, working with people I hated.

No journey to success comes easy.

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I grew up not far from the beach and was very fit. I loved outdoor running and did almost every day. I would train at the gym when the weather was bad to keep myself in good shape.

I never knew what I wanted to “be” when I grew up. In fact, I didn’t really like that question because it felt like I was forced to do only one thing for the rest of my life. My father was a public servant and so naturally I went to university to “follow my father’s footsteps”.

I worked for 9 years 60+ hours per week and I was earning GOOD MONEY for my age, but I sacrificed my lifestyle to do that. I would have to work my rear end off for 12 months to go on a 3-week holiday if I was allowed time off work.


I had dreams of going to the full moon party in Thailand and sleeping in a yurt in Mongolia. I wanted to take the trans-Siberian train from Russia to China and visit off the beaten track locations like Myanmar. I heard the cuisine in Vietnam was amazing.

I wanted to do it all at once and work on the road, live a simple life with no stress or financial worries, but during those years of hard labor I swept my dreams under the table and forgot about them.

I thought if I had a lot of money then I could live the life of my dreams…

But that didn’t happen. I was too involved with my corporate career. It consumed my life and took a toll on my health.

On a Friday night, once everyone had left, I remember crawling under my cubicle desk. I had countless messages and voicemails to return yet I couldn’t bear with the same routine time and time again for the rest of my life…whilst others took the credit for my hard work.

So, I started crying where I thought no one would see me.

I was over it

The weekend was coming and the heating had been turned off. My bones were in pain as I had started developing arthritis from spending so many hours in front of a computer, my vision was getting worse and worse from staring at the screen so much.

I quickly wrapped up work and could feel my body beginning to shut down. My immune system was almost out of juice it was under so much wear and pressure.

I was over it.

Losing my health over a corporate job!

I was busting my body for this company and they simply didn’t even care… It was a ridiculous situation.

Something had to change.

When I got home late that night feeling sick and tired I had a warm shower and went straight into bed. My dad knew something was up and I didn’t say a word when I walked in the door. I decided to get on my laptop and search for ways to “make money while travelling”.

I had heard of online businesses before, people who make money travelling around the world but didn’t know if it was possible. I found something. A system I could plug right into and sell information products. No overheads, no physical products to ship…

Could this be the holy Grail?

“It’s a JOKE” I thought.

I have heard of these things before, out to rip people off while selling “the dream”, but I was DONE with the situation I was in so got in without hesitation. I had to take a look.

I hear someone speak about it to a group of people and soon realised that this was REAL and POSSIBLE. These people where REAL and this lifestyle could become REAL.

This was it.

Learn, work, results.

I would do whatever it takes to become successful

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I would do whatever it takes to become successful and did exactly what my mentor told me to do. I dug deep into crafting my new skills because I knew this could get me to where I wanted to be.

It worked and people started following what I was doing.

Terracotta Army, Xi’an China

I started getting inspiring emails daily from people with dreams of their own, reaching out for help as they wanted to create a better life for themselves. By helping these people, I found more money will flow my way and my business started to EXPLODE.

It was time… I cleared out all the junk I had accumulated over the years and moved into my suitcase.

I was to travel with no boundaries.

Explore the world like never before. I no longer need to return home to save for my next adventure. Being chained at a corporate desk is behind me now and that memory keeps me moving forward.

Warm weather, palm trees and white sandy beaches are usually the first choice of location but I am so grateful to have the ability to travel whenever and wherever I choose.

If you are interested in learning the exact system I used to live this lifestyle then you can come meet me in person.

Tiz Gambacorta

Nicknamed Europe's fastest growing digital nomad entrepreneur, featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today..