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The Brutal Truth About Success

93 countries in 5 years


Living my dreams of owning my own ONLINE BUSINESS was a lot harder than I ever realized.

I almost quit on my dreams a couple of times because things got so bad.

People see me today speaking on stages in front of hundreds of people.

They see me earning more income than a lot of professional athletes doing a lot less.

Hundreds of thousands of people have seen my face online now.

It was only a few years ago I was struggling to pay my rent for $550 a month.

It was only a few years ago that nobody even really cared who I was.

It was only a few years ago that I was so close to quitting on my dreams.

I want to share with you THE BRUTAL truth that got me to where I am today.

I want to share with you a few things that completely altered my life for the better.

Before I actually share the few things that transformed my life I want to share just a little bit of my story with you so you can understand me a little better.

I am going to be sharing things with you that are very personal to me.

I grew up very introverted and still am naturally that way but I now know how to follow a clear path and a proven system to be my own boss. To be accountable to no one other than myself.

I understand that by sharing my real story even though it’s very hard for me to do, that it will help a lot of people.

I wish I could tell you I was that “macho” guy and took every obstacle without any concern.

And the truth is that I went to bed crying at times without a clue of what to do while chasing my dreams.

Growing up I always felt “different” from most kids.

I just was not into a lot of the things they were into.

I was judged for it and they let me know it.

It’s kind of sad how cruel humans can be to others at times.

Growing up some kids would pick on me, because I was the shy kid who didn’t talk much.

I did nothing to them, I was just an easy target I guess you could say.

One of my biggest influences growing up was the movie Tarzan.

I learned so much about life through movies.

My heroes growing up were Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Robbins, Tupac Shakur, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, and the list goes on.

In the scene where Tarzan is about to leave the jungle to be with Jane, he tells his mother Kala:

“No matter where I go, you will always be my mother.”

And she replies: “And you will always be in my heart.”

And that stuck with me forever because no matter what, you can never change who your parents are.

My mum taught me that you can achieve any goal in life if you surround yourself with the right people.

She said, Tiz, “If you want to fly with the eagles, don’t swing with the ducks”.

She told me “Drink deeply at the fountain or not at all”.

She told me, Tiz, you reach your goals by tapping into a proven system.

She said “A wise person learns from his mistakes while a genius learns from his mentor's mistakes”, but if someone is to ever doubt you or your goals let them know you are not to be bullied.

I remember one time I was telling my cousin about how I had just invested $2,000 to attend an online marketing mastermind and mentoring program. He started talking crap at me how it was a “scam”, a “pipe dream” and how all the gurus online were only after my money.

I am not the smartest guy in the world, or the fastest thinking person. Nor do I look it, I am 5 foot 6 inches which is the same height as my hero Bruce Lee.

I was training like a world class athlete except my gym was my laptop. And my weights were dollars in the bank.

But I was far from having made it yet. I had made $20 that month, to be exac.

To make a long story short…

Him and his wife surrounded me and started shouting at me for no reason how I was “delusional” and how none of this would “ever work”.

So I told them, “SHUT UP!” and they didn’t so I said “LEAVE ME THE BLEEP ALONE or I won’t be so kind next time.”

From that day forward nobody from my entire family ever bothered me again because so many people witnessed it.

My name developed and earned a reputation within my family as someone not to be messed with and earned everyone’s respect.

I learned so much from my mum with so many life lessons.

Proven systems and mentors are everything in business.

Let me share with you how my whole business journey started.

I remember not feeling like I belonged in the regular corporate world.

I was just never inspired about working my way up the corporate ladder.

I had intense dreams to change the world, and a lot of people called me crazy for thinking like that.

I had no idea I was going to accomplish it all.

I wanted to influence people to think bigger and also think outside the box.

I wanted to reach people on a worldwide level like my heroes.

I first attempted to become a musician because I know I could spread my message through music and truly change the world.

After years of failed attempts doing music, I started to think of different routes I could take.

At this time I was making less than kids at local fast food joints.

Then it was 2010 when I came across a movie called “The Secret.”.

It shifted my entire paradigm and what I believed possible.

I am not one to tear up but midway but midway through listening to him I started balling uncontrollably.

It resonated with my soul in ways I have never felt before in my entire life.

I started to craft out my vision of how I wanted life to be.

Then I decided I wanted to be totally mobile and have freedom to travel anywhere in the world.

I also decided I wanted to meditate when I desired and I wanted to be able to take time off when I wanted.

I wanted to eat lunch when I wanted too, etc.

The best option for me, to earn income was start an online business.

It just hit every every single angle I desired for my lifestyle.

At the time I was in banking and at the time the market was just starting to crash.

I had no experience at all with internet marketing, etc…

I just said, “I will figure it out” and that’s when the hardest days of my life started.

I wish I could tell you it was an overnight success, but I am going to give you the “raw truth” right now.

The Secret movie as much as it helped me with possibilities, it didn’t tell me about all of the hard work it truly takes to become successful.

I was a bit naïve, and instead of working my butt off, I would sit around and visualize and write down my goals a little more than I should have.

From early 2010 until mid 2011 I was averaging about $1,000.

The hardships that I faced were not anything I could wish upon my worst enemy.

I remember one time on my mum’s bday, we went out for dinner.

She was looking through the menu and picked out something too expensive and I told her, “Mum I am sorry but can you please pick something else?”

That just tore me apart inside as a man…

My heart just sank and said to myself, “What kind of man can’t afford to buy his mum the meal she desires on her birthday of all days.”



I am going to share 4 key principles that changed my world forever…

  • The RIGHT Mentor

I went through years of struggling because I had all the wrong information…

Then I met my mentor who truly cared about me.

My mentor knew what he was talking about so everything changed so quickly.

I suggest you find a mentor in the field and who you truly admire and who’s living exactly how you want too.

You have to understand with that you will have to prove why he/she should invest time into you.

Their time will be limited because they are great at what they do.

Every great mentor will always want more mentees because they get so much satisfaction from saying, “I was in influence in their life.”

I did exactly that, and this is what happened…

 I took my mentors advice seriously in February 2011…

That month I made $1,000 and then come May 2011 I earned $5,000, then come August 2011 I had my first breakthrough month of $50,170 and it has grown since then to levels people can’t even believe.

 Since my income is public information they know it’s true…

I earn more than that amount right now.

My goal before was just to make $5000 a month and just be comfortable.

My mentor saw more in me than I saw in myself.

It was not that I didn’t have the potential inside of me the whole time. I just needed someone to show me the ropes.

2. Fear

Before I was so scared of so many things in life.

I remembered what my mum would tell me about fear.

She said, “Being scared is natural, but you have to learn to control your fears.”

I remember telling everyone I was going to be successful for years and people basically started to mock me.

They would say things like, “Tiz when are you going to make any real money with your biz?”

Inside not only would it light me on fire, it would also create this nervous feeling.

I started to not even tell people my visions because I didn’t want to face criticism.

With no results it was like these people had an upper hand on me.

Then I started to realise a lot of the people judging me were not even doing anything special with their lives.

I started to think who are they to judge me, and that’s when I started not value their opinion much at all. They were not brave enough to attempt their dreams but had the nerve to judge.

I see fear cripple people with the potential to change the world and it’s just that.

I was almost one of them and that’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people.

3. Money management

My mentor shared with me that to get ahead in life I would have to stop looking at “The Jones”.

He said, “The first 6 months of a business journey no matter how much you make don’t change your spending habits.”

He said, “Save for unexpected business expenses, save for taxes, save for advertising and save for business expansion creating a foundation that is unbreakable.”

He said, “Leave that flashy ‘I have better marketing’ for other people because they are living month-to-month. When you’re truly wealthy then by all means go by the best Mercedes money can buy.”

The good thing for me is that I am not really into material objects, I don’t even really care to share my income but it is public information so anyone can see anyways.

When I hit my first $50,000 mark I decided it was time for a new car, but I didn’t do what most would do.

The old me would have said, “Hey I got a large down payment and I could go get a $200,000 car.”

What I did do was go get a quality used car for $15,000 and paid cash for it.

I am out to build a legacy so buying things to impress people ain’t a think.

I don’t wear fancy watches or $5000 suits because that just ain’t my thing.

Where I do splurge on though is hotels a bit…

This so I can be comfortable when travelling.

When I hire people to come clean the house I often pay much more than what is asked because it feels soooo good to give back.

4. Hard work

This so important I cannot state it enough.

This almost destroyed my whole life and everything in it.

So many online businesses were promising the world with very little work.

I have not met a single successful person who did not bust their butt when launching their business.

I don’t know why I believe that I could just push a button and everything would be okay.

The reality is when you start something with no experience you’re going to have to work hard to develop new skills.

When your business is up and rocking yes you can put things in cruise control.

You do need to work your butt off at the start.

I am just sharing the things I know are my truths because I want to save you a lot of time and pain.

Well I know this post has been longer than most things you have read on FB.

I had so much on my chest that I knew I could help you if you were open to it.

If you want to find out exactly how I made my Transformation in detail I invite you to come meet me in London in a few weeks time…


Because I care about the people I am not one of those hot shots who say I am making so much money and I am not talking to anyone anymore.

I take time to read and reply to everyone who sends a message.

I have assistants and everything these days but I was exactly were so many people are right now.

I never forget where I came from so I take the time to answer messages.

I do ask though because I get literally thousands of messages that you respect my time.

So basically to be direct with you, please send me messages getting directly to the point and I would be happy to answer.

It just makes my life much easier and it’s something I greatly appreciate.

But you see, it wasn’t always like this. My journey to success did not come easy.

In fact, I DROPPED OUT of a highly paid corporate job because I didn’t want to be chained to a desk all day. Nor did I want to be a victim to office politics, working with people I hated.

No journey to success comes easy.

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I grew up not far from the beach and was very fit. I loved outdoor running and did almost every day. I would train at the gym when the weather was bad to keep myself in good shape.

I never knew what I wanted to “be” when I grew up. In fact, I didn’t really like that question because it felt like I was forced to do only one thing for the rest of my life. My father was a public servant and so naturally I went to university to “follow my father’s footsteps”.

I worked for 9 years 60+ hours per week and I was earning GOOD MONEY for my age, but I sacrificed my lifestyle to do that. I would have to work my rear end off for 12 months to go on a 3-week holiday if I was allowed time off work.


I had dreams of going to the full moon party in Thailand and sleeping in a yurt in Mongolia. I wanted to take the trans-Siberian train from Russia to China and visit off the beaten track locations like Myanmar. I heard the cuisine in Vietnam was amazing.

I wanted to do it all at once and work on the road, live a simple life with no stress or financial worries, but during those years of hard labor I swept my dreams under the table and forgot about them.

I thought if I had a lot of money then I could live the life of my dreams…

But that didn’t happen. I was too involved with my corporate career. It consumed my life and took a toll on my health.

On a Friday night, once everyone had left, I remember crawling under my cubicle desk. I had countless messages and voicemails to return yet I couldn’t bear with the same routine time and time again for the rest of my life…whilst others took the credit for my hard work.

So, I started crying where I thought no one would see me.

I was over it

The weekend was coming and the heating had been turned off. My bones were in pain as I had started developing arthritis from spending so many hours in front of a computer, my vision was getting worse and worse from staring at the screen so much.

I quickly wrapped up work and could feel my body beginning to shut down. My immune system was almost out of juice it was under so much wear and pressure.

I was over it.

Losing my health over a corporate job!

I was busting my body for this company and they simply didn’t even care… It was a ridiculous situation.

Something had to change.

When I got home late that night feeling sick and tired I had a warm shower and went straight into bed. My dad knew something was up and I didn’t say a word when I walked in the door. I decided to get on my laptop and search for ways to “make money while travelling”.

I had heard of online businesses before, people who make money travelling around the world but didn’t know if it was possible. I found something. A system I could plug right into and sell information products. No overheads, no physical products to ship…

Could this be the holy Grail?

“It’s a JOKE” I thought.

I have heard of these things before, out to rip people off while selling “the dream”, but I was DONE with the situation I was in so got in without hesitation. I had to take a look.

I hear someone speak about it to a group of people and soon realised that this was REAL and POSSIBLE. These people where REAL and this lifestyle could become REAL.

This was it.

Learn, work, results.

I would do whatever it takes to become successful

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I would do whatever it takes to become successful and did exactly what my mentor told me to do. I dug deep into crafting my new skills because I knew this could get me to where I wanted to be.

It worked and people started following what I was doing.

Terracotta Army, Xi’an China

I started getting inspiring emails daily from people with dreams of their own, reaching out for help as they wanted to create a better life for themselves. By helping these people, I found more money will flow my way and my business started to EXPLODE.

It was time… I cleared out all the junk I had accumulated over the years and moved into my suitcase.

I was to travel with no boundaries.

Explore the world like never before. I no longer need to return home to save for my next adventure. Being chained at a corporate desk is behind me now and that memory keeps me moving forward.

Warm weather, palm trees and white sandy beaches are usually the first choice of location but I am so grateful to have the ability to travel whenever and wherever I choose.

If you are interested in learning the exact system I used to live this lifestyle then you can come meet me in person.

Tiz Gambacorta

Nicknamed Europe's fastest growing digital nomad entrepreneur, featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today..