Ways to Earn Bitcoins for Free


For those of you who are new to Bitcoin or is just starting to get into Bitcoin let me give you a background on how Bitcoin was earned in the past. Before, the primary way that you can earn Bitcoins online was through mining them yourselves. Thus, you will need to invest in a computer that can adequately solve complex mathematical problems. The good news now is that you can start earning Bitcoins if you are willing to spend some of your time. How can you do that? You can earn Bitcoins by playing games or writing blogs or answering a simple survey.

Let’s get into some of the ways that you can start earning those Bitcoins.

  1. Faucets

Faucets are a reward-based website that will give you a small number of Bitcoins every few minutes or hours. Faucets are the best place for beginners to start getting into Bitcoin as they are very simple, you simply sign up using your Bitcoin address or your email and if you’re selected during the random drawing, you will win the bids. I have to say though that Bitcoin faucets are not for those who are lazy as the number of Bitcoins that you will get from the faucet sites is not that high. But if you want to try earning your Bitcoins through this method, some of the most popular Faucets include:

  • Bitcoin Zebra
  • Moon Bitcoin
  • Weekend Bitcoin
  • Faucethub
  1. Micro-Tasking

Microtasking websites let you earn free Bitcoins for completing a simple task, such as completing surveys, watching videos, and complete online promotional offers. Creating an account is easy and free on these sites. This is also an excellent way for those who are just starting to get into Bitcoins as you can complete the task on your own time. Though the payout is seemingly not impressive, it quickly adds up if you can work fast. If you want to give Microtasking a shot to start earning your Bitcoins, here are some of the most popular Microtasking sites:

  • PrizeRebel
  • Coin Bucks
  • Coin Tasker
  • BitcoinGet
  1. No Deposit Game

These are a web-based game that allows you to earn Bitcoins and it doesn’t require any deposit hence its name. There are over a hundred of these kinds of websites and games. But popular ones include:

  • Satoshi Quiz
  • Spark Profit
  • Cash Clamber
  1. Gambling & Predictions

The newest trend in gaming is online gambling using Bitcoins. A lot of people are skeptical about the benefits of Bitcoins especially the one that is associated with online casinos, but that they don’t understand is that using their Bitcoins to play on online casinos is a lot safer for both owners and players as it provides privacy for both of them. No third party is given access to your personal or financial information. And for those countries where online casinos are not yet legalized, the transactions using Bitcoins are not processed through a third party or a bank because there are no credit or debit cards involved. Predictions markets also exist for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Sites like:

  • BitBet
  • Fairlay
  • Betcoin Sports
  1. Competitive Gaming

If you’re into online gaming like the classic poker and blackjack, but you want to be paid in Bitcoins, Betcoin and SWC provide you with that kind of platform. But if multiplayer games like Counterstrike Go, Minecraft and League of Legends are more your areas of expertise; Leet will have the option for you to be paid out using Bitcoin if you play well. The idea of marrying gaming and Bitcoins together might sound like the perfect match for most, and it most probably is as the demographic for both gamers and owners of cryptocurrencies are mostly the same.

  1. Getting Tipped

There are several ways for you to get tipped using Bitcoins. One popular social tipping wallet for those who use Twitter, Reddit, and Soundcloud and other social media platform is ChangeTip built by ChangeCoin, wherein you tip a user using Bitcoin to express your appreciation for quality content. Now Protip is a Bitcoin wallet which you can put as an extension in your Chrome browser use it to tip the people who maintain the website you frequently visit such as the developers or programmers. You can also receive tips using Protip for any or social media platform or website that you manage. Protip is actually going to be very beneficial for those who own or run a website especially if your content is something that is relevant or helpful to other online users.

  1. Streaming

Much like Meerkat and Periscope, this is a peer to peer streaming service that allows you to stream yourself live doing online tutorials, event discussion or video game stream. The unique thing about Streamium is that those who are viewing pay a per minute rate set by the streamer using Bitcoins. In my opinion, using Streamium is a lot easier as there are no middlemen. It gives the power back to small content owners. They don’t need to install anything to use the service. You just need to go to their website, and you can start streaming in a few clicks. There’s also no fee to use the service, and your viewers will only pay a one transaction fee, so it’s a win-win.

  1. Social Discussions

Now if you’re into posting interesting threads or giving out thought-provoking opinions on social discussion sites like ZapChain or Satosh, you can actually start earning Bitcoins by posting your insightful threads and posting comments on a variety of topics on any of these sites.

  1. Merchant Sales

Now if you have a lot of stuff that you think you can sell but you would like to be paid in Bitcoins instead of cash, or you would like to buy something but would like to pay in Bitcoins instead. Sites like Bitify, the world’s largest bitcoin marketplace and auction site allows users to exchange their items for bitcoins. If you ask me, one of the good things about Bitify is that protects both the buyer and the seller from fraud as Bitify doesn’t allow buyers to pay the seller directly. They hold the amount paid until such time the buyer has received the product in adequate condition. It’s convenient, it’s secure and most importantly it’s a cheap place to use by a  fellow Cryptocurrencies Enthusiasts like me to trade goods.

Purse, on the other hand, will allow you to buy your favorite items from Amazon using your Bitcoins.

  1. Torrent Seeding

Joystream is a perfect example for torrent seeding. They pay their seeders in bitcoins for the bandwidth provided which would lead to much higher download speed for torrent users.

  1. Freelancing

Did you know that you can earn Bitcoins if you have a blog, if you’re a programmer, a translator or even do customer service calls? Sites like Cryptogrind, XBT Freelancer, and Jobs4Bitcoin will let you sell and showcase your skills as a freelancer and get paid in Bitcoins. This is one of the great ways that beginners can also start earning Bitcoins as they will be able to bargain how much Bitcoins they paid as it will depend on their set of skills and the job that is required out of them. Just make sure you check out each sites’ escrow services to ensure that you get paid for all the work that you’ve done.

  1. Full Timing

If you’re ready to take the plunge and quit your fiat paying job and would like to be paid in Bitcoins fulltime, you can check out sites like Coinality and Angellist and look for jobs that pay you full time in Bitcoins.

  1. AD Sales

Now if you run your blog or if you have your own website, you can sell some ad space for Bitcoins. Sites like coinad.com will provide you with a banner and a sidebar ad, and you will get paid per click.

So, these are just some of the ways that you can start earning Bitcoins online especially if you’re just starting to get into Bitcoins. While there’s no easy way to make a substantial amount of Bitcoins at once, with much-given effort, you’ll be sure to earn your way to the top. Some of these methods to earn Bitcoins may work better than the others, but, nonetheless whichever method you use, gaining something will not come easy. You have to put in the time and the effort to make things happen the way that you want them to.

Tiz Gambacorta

Tiz managed a $750m derivatives portfolio by age 22 as an FCA-regulated trader. After being promoted the youngest Vice President in the trading division of Barclays Bank headquarters in London UK, he realized there was more to life than working for "the man". He went on to build, scale and sell five separate, six-figure a year digital publishing and education businesses. He then merged his passion for finance and for the internet by co-founding 8020Research.com - the No 1 education organization dedicated to helping people live the life they dream, desire and deserve by leveraging the Internet. After investing $150,000 into his own trading education, he became financially free by the age of 36 and is now on a mission to help 100,000 average people take back control of growing and protecting their wealth by December 31st, 2020. Having traded and served clients at the highest level on Wall Street and in the City of London during some of the worst terrorist attacks that shook the markets gives him a first-hand understanding on how to profit from rising and falling markets. His high net worth private clients regularly pay him in excess of $50,000/year for his insights.